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Maryland Department of Transportation
State Highway Administration

Office of Structures, Structure Hydrology and Hydraulics Division

Manual for Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design

The Manual for Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design has been prepared by the Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA), Office of Structures, Structure Hydrology and Hydraulics Division (SHHD), to provide guidance and direction to engineers involved in locating, analyzing, and designing bridges and culverts in Maryland. This SHHD Manual consists of two volumes. The chapters in Volume I provide an overview of SHHD design and project development procedures. Revisions to Volume I were completed in 2020. The chapters in Volume II provide detailed design guidelines and analysis procedures for the various aspects of the design of hydraulic structures. The chapters in Volume II were last revised in 2015. SHHD is planning to provide necessary updates and/or revisions to the Volume II chapters as soon as possible. In the meantime, SHHD should be contacted for any questions or clarifications.

Users should check this website regularly to verify that they are using the most current version of each chapter. A summary of any updates and edits is provided in Chapter 1 (Table 1-2). The SHHD Manual individual chapters (pdf files) are available here.

For reference, a previous version of Volume I is provided: Manual for Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design, Previous Revision

This page updated 14 June 2020

Volume I - Overview and Procedures
(2020 Revision)

Volume II - Design Methodologies
(2015 Revision)

Chapter 1 - Introduction Chapter 7 - Scour Program for Existing Bridges
Chapter 2 - Laws and Regulations Chapter 8  - Hydrology
Chapter 3 - Procedures, Design Guidelines, and Permits Chapter 9 - Channels
Chapter 4 - Project Development Chapter 10 - Bridges
Chapter 5 - Data Sources and Field Surveys Chapter 11 - Scour
Chapter 6 - Documentation Chapter 12 - Bridge Decks
Appendix A - In-Kind Replacement of Bridges and Culverts Chapter 13 - Culverts
  Chapter 14 - Stream Morphology
  Chapter 19 - Construction